Monday, August 23, 2010

Weight loss in 3 minutes!

This is me, sharing abit of what I have been quite the enthusiast in almost half my life. I am not saying I am perfect, but I want to share. I started off as a skinny little brat, started putting on weight when I was 10. By the time I was 12, i was quite overweight. My bro would be calling me fat. He made pig noises whenever I reached for seconds. I got sick of it and decided for myself I had to do something about it. I started reading on everything I could get my hands on. Even when I was 13, I went out to the fitness store and bought weight-loss cream. My dirty little secret. Did not work. Weight loss was not easy, I wanted it badly and after reading so much, now I have an idea of how everything works. But even after all that, I have come to learn that the right weight for everyone is different. As long as you are happy with the way you look, that really is enough. But if you feel like you want to have more control over weight, your bodysize, this is where you can read on.

Let's face it, there are so many ways to lose weight. You have those crazy starving diets. You have meal replacement. You have those that cut on carbs and cut on fat. You have those that only drink water. Protein supplements too. All those that I mentioned are things that you consume. They are all from the nutrition view of things. Then there is the second method, that is to increase your metabolic rate. That is exercise. Weightlifting, cardio exercises, calisthenics (push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks). So these two make the golden key, nutrition and exercise. Only two! I'll help break down a few things.

When it comes to nutrition, I always advise to stay away from entirely starving yourself. You heard of those guys before. No dinner, no supper. The main idea in nutrition (when it comes to losing weight), is to control two things; caloric intake and fat intake. (I've included a website below, to know roughly how much is your recommended daily intake). So here are the numbers, if you take 300 calories less per day, for as long as a week, you can lose about 1 pound of fat (works the other way round just the same!). 600 calories less, 2 pounds for extreme weight loss. Any more than that is usually dangerous and not feasible. You might just gain all that weight back on. It's common to read that the best plan is six meals per day, but we Malaysians will find that hard, if not, impossible to come by. But we can fuse it in a little. Lighter breakfast, lighter lunch, definitely lighter dinner, and small amounts in between; tea time or supper anything conventional you might prefer. If you are trying to consume 1800 kj calories, then 6 meals would mean 300 calories per meal. Include the Malaysian factor, four meals might be more the norm, then one needs to take below 450 per meal.

Idea: The body metabolises constantly throughout the day, just like on the road when there are too many cars too heavy traffic. Control your calories, don't let it control you.

Cutting fat or carbs yes, but meat? There are many out there that try to cut down on meats. Meats are high in protein. As an asian, it is very difficult to have "too much" protein. The recommended intake is equal amounts protein as weight in pounds. 60 kilograms; 132 pounds, 132 grams of protein. And the magic of protein, is that you almost always never have enough. It is carbohydrates (sweet sugar love) and fats that we often take too much. In fact, protein actually increases your metabolism rate naturally. Proteins are more complicated to digest, they need more energy to be broken down.

Idea: You want to be cutting down on fat on the meat, not the meat itself. So instead consume lean meats that are lower in fat. Lean is the magic word. Chicken is comparatively low in fat, go for the breasts. How they are prepared is very relevant, any lean meats steamed or boiled or grilled prove the least in fat (less oil). KFC is good, but control your supply and demand.

Everyday drinks are a big concern, when it comes to watching one's weight. The math is simple, you drink 8 glasses a day, and if you take take say 4 glasses of soft drinks and 2 glasses of iced water, maybe 2 cups of milo or coffee, that will be at least more than 600 calories a day. Based on the numbers above, it is easy to lose at least a pound or two per week by steering from sweetened drinks. Sodas ARE bad, because everybody takes them everyday and they are at least 150-200 calories per can. Beers are the worst, and this is comparatively the main cause of weight gain. They are so high in calories and one can is always not enough, true?

Idea: You want to drink healthier drinks, there is quite a range. Kundurs, Green tea and Chrysanthemums are quite low in calories. Green tea is even proven to encourage oxidation of stomach fat. Stay away from carbonated whenever you can. If you have to drink beer, drink less, and especially drink slower than you normally do. Drinks which use milk as a base always have more calories. Milo, Teh-C Special, Kopi Peng are some examples.

So what now.. hmm the nutrition part of things is simplified into this short note. But the idea to get started is there.

- Divide your meals throughout the day. As little calories and stop when you are satisfied.

- Control carbs and fats. You always have enough sugar and fat in your diet. Take less fried foods, less sweets and junk food but aim for the leaner foods.

- Watch what you drink. If plain water doesn't work, pinch in some lime.

- You need to have a plan, and set a goal, if you ever wish to lose weight. It's like telling yourself, I want to do better in school, it needs a good plan.

This is getting too long, so I wont be talking about exercise. Maybe next time when I get this bored again. :)

A few facts and myth-debunking.

1. There is nearly no such thing as targetting fat loss. When you lose fat, you lose it overall.

2. Sit-ups do not help you lose tummy fat.

3. Although, to burn tummy fat you can try performing Metabolism Equivalent Tasks (MET) of 10 or higher, which means very intensive.

4. 10 minutes of brisk jogging burns about 100 calories. Exercising 300 calories each day is enough to lose a pound each week.

5. Beer-bellies come from visceral fat (organ fat), as much as people love them, they are really not healthy.

6. Drinking beer isn't the main cause of beer-bellies. Drinking alot of beer, and fast, contributes however.

7. Having an idea, is nothing, if it does not come to reality. :)

You are what you eat, and to each his own. I hope you like everything that I have shared. Have a good day!

By the way, one of the best inventions of mankind, is the NUTRITIONAL FACTS on food! Nasi lemak is roughly 600-700 calories, KFC thighs are nearly 300, Green tea is about 60 per can. Stuff like Starbucks Frappucinos etc have easily 500+ per drink. Pretty crazy eh, 1 frap everyday a week can almost make you gain 2 pounds. :/

Friday, May 14, 2010

Because..a long distance relationship is hard on both sides

Two people fall deeply in love, Haruto and Eba. Days go by, together they build their love, each day with smiles and laughs, with patience and understanding. Every day that passes only gets better, they love each other more and more.

Eba had finished high-school and was soon to transfer. Mountains and seas away. Long distance they both hoped upon. Wearing out each day watching every passing sunrise without being able to see or hold each other, for at least the better part of a year. The girl starts feeling suspicious, she hears rumors of his boy, seeing other girls, seeing.. Kanzaki.

Of course it isnt true, Haruto embellishes his love for Eba, even more-so when it all started long-distance. But it sure set a scene, painful nights of uncertainty. She starts to feel disoriented. She is very beautiful and always stood out as attractive, but certainly feels the total opposite, very much like every girl out there, not believing that each has something different to offer than every other. Long distance makes her easy prey, guys start hunting. In quiet acquiescence, she does little to avoid Kyousuke. Allowing him to play her on.

Memories of her lover, now of old, begin to fade. She decides, that she cannot go on. To Haruto she says "Let's call it a day". Too busy with studies, too busy with anything else. What all Haruto interprets is "No time for you, need more time for everything else".

She gets with the new guy, Eba and Kyousuke, the hot new romance starting with a devastating heartbreak of Haruto, the one of old. Still pondering the reasons for things to happen as it did, he heard nothing about him for almost two months. Word spread, he found out. The truth was "no time for you, want another boyfriend who is here for me". It destroyed him.

"Because..a long distance relationship is hard on both sides.
So just because of that she gets a boyfriend and breaks up with you.
That's just too cruel" - quote character Asuka to Haruto.

This story, is my summary of the original title "Kimi no iru machi" which translates to A Town Where You Live. I began reading this romance manga on the 24th of January. My girlfriend left to study 4 days earlier, 20th January. My life changed much since then. Long-distance did not work out for me, 20 months of a good life, lost to 5 weeks of long-distance, and she has a new boyfriend. I am writing in awe of the irony that take place in our lives, writing so that I will never forget, this experience of a hard-earned past which taught me that...

Love is not something you want to find, love is something you wish you made.. It is never true love, unless both holds it to be, and that the journey of love is a two person row-boat with only one life-jacket. Only one person can break apart(there is only one jacket) and if that person does, you are left alone, and you have no choice but to row. Only rowing one side, you end up going in circles and circles. You will feel lost, you will cry and you will hurt and feel alone. But that is only until you find the right partner, to row with you through the harshest waves and the deadliest storms. To each his own, and to me this is love.

When I meet you one day, I will be your life-jacket. I love you, my future sweetheart.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just another cake bake!

Here are a couple of things I've baked. Yes i do bake.

Christmas Double Choc Fudge Cake
Nothing too fancy. Oh but give me credit for the chocolate "net" i made! It was a first time thing. :)

Dark Chocolate Devil's Food Cakes
I personally dislike these. But i thought they looked quite ok.

Well among other things i've made before include
Cheesecakes (baked and chilled),
Pavlovas (simply meringues topped with double cream),
White chocolate cream cakes,
White chocolate butter brownies,
Caramel crunch squares,
and a few variations of the Tiramisu cake.
(I've never thought of taking pictures. Until now. mm...)

I'm feeling rather adventurous now so if anybody wants me try a recipe, or even simple tips to give a hopeful-baker-to-be, i'd be more than happy to hear from u. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Eighteenth..

Birthdays are a big thing? It's a symbol of how much others care about u n how one means to the world. Thats how I see it, but I'm sure you all have your own extravagant descriptions or definitions on how birthdays should mean.

My thanks first goes to my sweetheart for being so thoughtful and arranged with my brother that i have a birthday barbecue. Felicia dear, thank you so much. This all wouldnt have happened without you. Despite having exams you still showed u cared and thus not being able to come, I hope u really know that you gave so much. =)

Thanks also to my brother for hosting the entire thing both the planning and execution. Like he said " i worked my butt off ". Tho i'm pretty sure his butt's still intact. I'm especially thankful for the birthday cake i got from Mom, Sean and Kevin. Thanks mom and dad for the big budget you were willing to spend to make it a happy day for me.

My gratitude goes to those who wished me (be it face to face or through facebook and friendster) and also those who even thought to get me something. This includes those who came that day too..

18 years is a big checkpoint. Thank you everyone. I can never forget this. =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A heart's symphony, My heart's battlecry..

Emo-ness has been very dear to me lately. Perhaps im playing tricks on my self? Perhaps signs are just really telling me what i believe they are. We cant really tell for sure. I for one don't make assumptions. I prefer to know, bad or good, knowing is always at least something. Bad or Why was it that I wrote good as the latter? Is it I who subconsciously take things negatively or is it just human nature to jump to such conclusions. Some say the best judge is your ownself. But I, to fathom such a catastrophe as the life i believe i am leading to is just..unfathomable.

I dread 2012. Would she really be away overseas?

Depression. Such an odd word. Even to write such a word seems to amount to real depression. How can a man so happy which others believe he to have everything, some of which are imposible dreams? How can certain men commit suicide? despite having wealth and even But i believe people are too fast to assume. Conditions are often judged and disected superficially. What if the man just had such a big fear of losing all that he has, his beloved, that led to the abovesaid depression? Would that make sense to you?

With this if i may quote "The higher you fly, the harder is the fall"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

RCYU#3 AGM 2008 and random Going-Ons

St Joseph's Red Crescent Youth Unit #3 held their Annual General Meeting yesterday on the 6th. It went as planned to say the least. And spontaneous unforeseen speeches and "new" awards were given out that day. Things have changed from what I once knew. People grew up, at least some of them. Things run differently too but changes can be for the better. Its up to them to think of it and the best to judge are themselves. Everyone was happy that day and "traditions" are still being performed year to year. Good to hear.=p

New head section leader, Brandon Siong. Just to tell you, you gave a good speech and if you can keep that attitude and work ethic as then, the unit may survive yet another year. Good luck with it all and as our motto goes, To Serve.

Here are the various representatives.=) In the picture, St Teresa, Kuching High, Lodge, Green Road and the very well known Mr. Andrew, Acting OC of Youth Units in Kuching.

Brandon Siong will be the next in-line to be printed into the school's Head Section Leader plaque.(im prolly just finding an excuse to have my own name up this blog but oh wells =p. if you don't get what i 2006!)

Just incase you ask(which u most prolly wouldnt even come to think of even if you had a million guesses), yes i got myself a new bed!! a Divan to be more precise.. And it even has an under bed installed! So if you need a sleepover you know who to ask.... Not me!! i want both for my own.=) Anyway il still show u at the least.

My bed and my brothers at the further end.

On a totally separate note, my brother Sean Tan got into his first road accident. Several days after getting his 'no-more P license'.


Friday, September 5, 2008

To an Angel in Disguise

This is to you, my sweetheart, my love, my happy ever after.

All I ever want is to care,
For this love that we share,
And dream fondly of you,
As our hearts join us two,
For every breath i take,
That's how much love we'll make,
We will share this feeling forever,
And live it like tomorrow come never!

I love you.^^